Utilizing our massive inventory of Raw material , we manufacture fasteners inclusive of custom bolts, nuts, and screws for mining, heavy machinery, military, railroad construction, plus agricultural equipment applications.

In addition to the distribution of standard fasteners, our reputation is also built upon the ability to meet your unique fastener requirements, such as bigger diameters and longer lengths. If you need to drill a hole through a part, fit an extra thread, add a special body diameter, or create a special pattern across the flats, we can do it for you. Blanks in every imaginable head style are stocked at our facility, and they can be modified according to your specifications.

Once enquiry received through Email/Fax/Whats App our techno commercial offer will be sent in minutes. The custom fasteners deliveries can be made according to your scheduling or lay down needs – be it 24 hours, 7-10 days, or warehousing the parts plus shipping them to your location, when required. We are EDI-capable, and this enables us to provide fully integrated, dock-to-stock supply.

Our factory follows API standards for the oil & Gas sector, compliant with the Fastener Quality Act, and ISO: 9001 2015 certified. This means you can count on us to meet all chemical and physical certifications you require. We test our fasteners using sophisticated equipment & testing machines , including a state-of-the-art computerized system, which produces digitally certified tensile and yield test in accordance with ISO & ASTM requirements.

Not only do we supply custom made fasteners, but also package them according to your size, weight, container as well as labelling requirements, facilitating integration with your inventory plus handling systems. From special head marking to custom plating, every step adheres to strict controls to ensure product quality and integrity.